Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate is a report prepared by a professional surveyor, reporting flood zone information and elevations determined by a field survey. The report is meant to determine at what elevation a building and the surrounding property is at.


This type of service is needed when a client wishes to know the elevation of subject property and improvements. This is typically used to determine what, if any, flood insurance is needed. Typically a majority of mortgage surveys in California also require an Elevation Certificate.

If you are in a flood plain you are restricted in what you can do with your property. If you can get all or a portion of your property out of the flood plain you can regain the use of your property.
If you are paying for flood insurance and your property can be determined to be out of the flood plain your lending institution will allow you to drop the flood insurance.

A typical Elevation Certificate includes the following tasks:

Research Nearest Benchmark
Perform Level Loop to Site
Preparation of the Elevation Certificate