Civil and Architecture

We embrace change as an opportunity to broaden our experience and technical ability, utilizing the opportunity to expand into new areas of Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. We are extremely dedicated to being a superior quality Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm and because of this fact, we actively pursue the highest grade employees and stay current with the latest surveying technology.

We are a full service Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm headquartered in Bakersfield, California and servicing the State of California. The company is built on the core values of hard work, customer service, quality product, and professionalism. The principals, Larry Glen Canterberry and Clay O. Lomax, and a core group of employees/associates are exceptionally diligent and hard working. The ownership believes in making a difference in the lives of their employees, through leadership, professionalism, training, and benefits.


Design and Planning

Engineers of virtually any specialty get paid to experiment with the technologies of today and add in improvements of their own. In the process, they often create new, useful inventions that may be eligible for a patent. Engineers invent new technologies for the rest of us. There are many engineers (otherwise known as inventors) in history. Iím sure youíll recognize the names of a few. For instance, take Leonardo da Vinci. He drew plans for several flying machines, including a helicopter and a hang glider as well as many military machines. In addition, da Vinci may have made a great civil engineer as shown from his plans for a 720-foot bridge that was recently turned into a reality. Another engineer/inventor is Eli Whitney. He invented the first cotton gin. Whitney is also credited with the creation of interchangeable parts. Oddly enough, the ability to interchange parts is thought to be a much more important and long lasting invention than the cotton gin (although that is all he is usually remembered for).